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Social media is one of the most effective platforms to market new products, drive more leads, and increase sales. However, managing your social media for marketing purposes is no easy task, as it involves immense time, consistency, and dedication. 

Investing in the right social media marketing tools can drastically help your business. We have listed the eight must-have social media marketing tools of 2023 below. 

The social media marketing tools you should check out.



Learn MoreOn HubSpot’s Website
Best for: Marketing automation.

HubSpot’s Social Media Management Software allows you to publish to social media accounts and build campaigns. Connecting your social account to your blog will enable you to share content automatically upon publishing.

Price: HubSpot offers three pricing plans for their Marketing Hub:
  • Starter: Starts at $40 per month
  • Professional: Starts at $800 per month
  • Enterprise: Starts at $3,200 per month

These pricing plans come with free tools such as CRM and marketing capabilities.

  • Build marketing campaigns, and share blog posts and landing pages.
  • Options for scheduling content.
  • Suggests the best posting times.
  • Create custom keyword monitoring streams.
  • Uses analytics to provide reports of performance comparisons of your social media platforms, campaigns, and engagement periods.

HubSpot’s Social Media Management Software can be used by businesses of all sizes and team members. 



Learn MoreOn Semrush’s Website
Best for: SEO capabilities.

Semrush’s Social Media Toolkit includes its social media poster, social media tracker, social media analytics, and social media ads, each of which integrates SEO into its processes. By incorporating SEO, you can more easily grow your brand awareness and visibility on social media. 


There are three pricing plans:

  • Pro: $99.95 per month
  • Guru: $199.95 per month
  • Business: $399.95 per month

All of these plans come with a free trial.

  • Creates your personalized social media marketing strategy.
  • Identifies the best-performing hashtags and best times for posting.
  • Schedules content to post in advance.
  • Provides personalized content creation ideas. 
  • Get a complete analysis of your performance results and provide data-driven recommendations for your marketing strategy.
  • Set up automated email reporting.

Semrush’s social media toolkit can provide the tools needed to build an effective marketing strategy, including content marketing and analytics tools that can enhance your social media performance and increase your brand awareness with SEO integrations.



Learn MoreOn Buffer’s Website
Best for: Social media scheduling.

Buffer’s all-you-need social media toolkit is one of the more popular social media marketing tools out there. Their main feature is helping marketers optimize social media post scheduling across multiple social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Pricing plans include:

  • Free: Basic publishing tools
  • Essentials: $5 per month
  • Team: $10 per month
  • Agency: $100 per month
  • Buffer Queue allows you to schedule content.
  • The Buffer Chrome Extension allows for easy content scheduling and posting.
  • User-friendly dashboard.
  • Analyze your social media performance.
  • Collaborate and plan your campaigns.

Buffer is one of the most popular tools for scheduling posts and improving your social media strategy.



Learn MoreOn eClincher’s Website
Best for: Boosting social media ROI and 24/7 customer support.

eClincher is tailored to businesses of all sizes and is committed to simplifying social media marketing with three significant avenues: strategizing, optimizing, and measuring ROI.


There are three pricing plans:

  • Basic: $65 per month
  • Premier: $175 per month
  • Agency: $425 per month

Each plan allows a free trial.

  • For small businesses, manage your social media profiles and schedule and automate posts.
  • For medium businesses, stay on top of your social media with tools to plan, engage and analyze performance.
  • For agencies and enterprises, you use brands to manage clients, locations, and products. 
  • For franchises, streamline workflows, collaborate and engage with audiences, and use monitoring and reporting.

With eClincher, one platform does it all — publishing and scheduling, real-time engagement through dashboards, content creation, social listening and monitoring, analytics and reporting, and team collaboration. 

For managing social media content and enhancing your marketing efforts, eClincher is one of the best social media marketing tools.



Learn MoreOn SocialBee’s Website
Best for: Social media planning, scheduling, and posting.

SocialBee is an easy-to-use digital marketing tool that allows you to create, schedule, publish, and analyze your posts. This social media scheduling tool will enable you to create, organize, and plan posts with categories and content calendars that can save your business a lot of time.


There are three different pricing plans, each with a 14-day free trial.

  • Bootstrap plan: $19 per month
  • Accelerate plan: $39 per month
  • Pro: $79 per month
  • Category-based content scheduling.
  • One-click and pause to stop auto-posting.
  • Canva, Unsplash, or GIPHY integration.
  • Automate expired posting.
  • Customized posting schedule.
  • Comprehensive analytics and reports.

SocialBee is a user-friendly social media marketing tool specializing in planning, scheduling, and automating your content posting across social media platforms and allows for various tool integrations.



Learn MoreOn Tailwind’s Website
Best for: Small businesses and freelancers whose primary platforms are Pinterest and Instagram.

Tailwind is a social media marketing tool geared toward Pinterest and Instagram social media campaigns.

With this tool, you can improve your Instagram marketing through content curation features such as the best time to post suggestions, photo and video post scheduling, and recommended hashtags to drive targeted audience views.


Each pricing plan allows a free trial.

  • Pinterest Plus plan: $9.99 per month
  • Instagram Plus plan: $9.99 per month
  • SmartScheduling features the best time to post your content.
  • Multiply your reach with hashtag suggestions.
  • Automatic pinning for more engagement and website traffic.
  • Analytics features with reporting.
  • Drag-and-drop calendar for scheduled posting.

Tailwind is a powerful social media marketing tool tailored to Instagram and Pinterest. 



Learn MoreOn Onlypult’s Website
Best for: Social media management under one control panel.

Onlypult is a social media management tool that functions as a monitoring tool, allowing you to manage multiple accounts in one control panel simultaneously without switching users. 

This tool can be used to post on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business, YouTube, TikTok, Tumblr, WordPress, and many more.


Four pricing plans are available and include a seven-day free trial.

  • Start: $10.50 per month
  • SMM: $17.50 per month
  • Agency: $34.40 per month
  • Pro: $55.30 per month
  • Schedule and publish posts across multiple platforms at one time.
  • Delegation features allow your SMM to access various social media accounts without sharing passwords.
  • Analyzing features provides insights on the best time to publish and how to grow followers.

Onlypult is a great social media marketing tool for businesses that use many different social media platforms and want to manage them under one control panel and publish content across all mediums simultaneously. 



Learn MoreOn Animoto’s Website
Best for: Visual social media marketing.

Animoto is a social media video maker that aids in the creation of video content for visual marketing campaigns. As social media has proven, images can speak louder than words and captivate a large online audience. 

Animoto provides the tools needed to create the most captivating videos and pictures to post on your social media accounts to gain more followers, drive traffic and increase conversion rates.


$9 per month

  • Hundreds of templates and themes to choose from to create the best videos.
  • Preview options before downloading onto your social platforms.
  • Adds dynamic text translations to videos.
  • Campaign management tools included.

Animoto provides the tools needed to create illuminating videos and images to include in your marketing campaigns. 

What are social media marketing tools?

Social media marketing tools are technology and software that enable businesses to harness the power of social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and TikTok to organize marketing campaigns that attract targeted audiences. 

These tools study and analyze patterns found in social media user behavior, interests, likes, and dislikes on social media platforms.

Metrics like the number of likes, shares, comments, and views help these instruments design customized solutions to drive a company’s marketing strategy to put together campaigns that target desired audiences.

The bottom line.

It is no secret that social media is a powerful medium that can be harnessed to expand your brand awareness, grow your customer base, attract new clients and drive more conversions. 

Your business may not reach its full potential without a proper social media marketing tool. It is crucial to understand your goals before choosing the best tools for you and your business. 

Some other great social media marketing tools include:

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