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Zoho CRM Software is consistently rated as one of the top CRM Software on the market today. As this software offers a variety of pricing plans, the company aims to deliver a perfect bundle for every business. We have reviewed some of the features, integrations, and apps in the CRM platform Zoho offers and outlined them below.

What is Zoho CRM software?

Zoho CRM software is an online customer relationship management software that can streamline business processes. A sound CRM system can utilize customer data to stay organized and maximize productivity in a user-friendly and accessible way. Zoho campaigns specialize in increasing leads, accelerating sales, and measuring performance. 

The core features of Zoho CRM software are sales and marketing. Their advanced functionality includes Omni channel communication, workflow automation, AI assistance, and customization. 

Zoho contains many different apps and bundles to fit your business needs.

Zoho’s complete CRM platform.

This platform is advertised as end-to-end, fully customizable CRM solutions for businesses and enterprises. 

There are four featured Zoho apps, different from the add-ons and modules offered by the platform:


Host a secured business email. This service is encrypted, privacy-guaranteed, and ad-free. This app contains a powerful control panel where you can access all settings, customization, and configuration features. You can also easily view and respond to emails from your smartphone. 


Zoho CRM’s Desk app is an omnichannel customer service software that aims to retain more customers, improve agent productivity, increase customer happiness and build loyalty. This platform provides the ultimate customer service help-desk features.

Some help desk features include omnichannel, which manages customer conversations across multiple channels such as email, chat, phone, social media, and your website. You can also efficiently perform follow-up activities. 

Another feature of the help desk is workflow automation. This allows you to automate repetitive manual actions and manage service processes. The feature platform allows your team to build your business’s internal apps within your help desk. 

With their self-service feature, you can embed a knowledge base and integrate AI capabilities into your website, products, and mobile app, which helps customers quickly find the answers they need.


Zoho Books is an online accounting app within Zoho CRM software. This accounting app is designed to manage your finances, automate business workflows, and help you work seamlessly across all departments.

Some of the reasons why Zoho Books is an optimal choice for your business is because it provides end-to-end accounting. This means that it will negotiate deals, raise sales orders, track invoices, and do mundane accounting tasks, so you are freed up from these time-consuming tasks. 

With easy collaboration, you can add in your colleagues so that they can log time, view reports, or manage your account. 

At a glance, the accounting features include receivables, payables, inventory, banking, time tracking, contacts, and reports.


Zoho Analytics serves as a modern self-service BI and Analytics platform. With this app, you can connect, prepare and analyze data, create visualizations, and discover hidden insights.

This app can turn raw data into insightful reports and dashboards within minutes. You can track your key business metrics, see trends, identify outliers and predict the future. 

Under one roof, Zoho analytics can connect, prepare, analyze, visualize, collaborate and build. Analytics can connect to multiple sources of files and feeds, business apps, cloud, and internal databases. Using your webforms, Analytics can track the real-time trends of your website visitors. Analytics can also prepare data for analysis to cleanse, transform, enrich, and catalog. While analyzing, you can communicate with Zoho’s AI assistant, generate automated insights, predict future trends, and more. Analytics will then create visualizations of their findings into charts, reports, dashboards, and pivot tables and then share through collaboration with your entire team.

Zoho CRM software pros and cons.

Some of the pros and cons of Zoho CRM software are listed below:

  • You can conduct team meetings and client presentations from the CRM.
  • You can alert staff, whether in the office or remotely, about interaction with new leads for your business.
  • Easy to use the platform without any prior training necessary.
  • Standard customer support is limited to weekdays.
  • You have to pay extra for Premium or Enterprise support with any plan.
  • Many features rely on Zia AI, which is only offered in the upper tiers of the bundle plans.
  • There are daily limits to numerous features, including email notifications and webhooks.

Zoho CRM plans and pricing.

Zoho CRM software offers a variety of different pricing plans. There is a free plan option for their flagship that is available as well. The upside of the free membership is that there is no trial period, no forced upgrades, and no credit card required when signing up.

Free Edition

The Zoho CRM Softwares flagship is offered for free with limited features. It offers up to three users to generate, organize and manage leads, find online tips, automate workflow processes, create standard reports, and control levels of marketing. 

Popular features of the free edition include:

  • Multipurpose contact book where businesses can create connections, log sales and activities, add notes, complete tasks, qualify leads, and view deals. 
  • Email Marketing allows businesses to create email workflows and automation, write emails with Zoho editor, utilize templates, and filter emails.
  • Lead generation can track how audiences interact with websites, live chat, and create lead generation forms to be filled out on your website that inputs customer information directly into your contact database. 
  • Workflow automation automates sales routines, chains multiple rules into one workflow process, and automatically analyzes workflow performance.

Upgrading to the paid plans unlocks more features and apps. There are different pricing tiers, including:

  • Standard $14/month: This tier is geared toward smaller companies and includes every feature in the Free version of the CRM software, scoring rules, workflows, multiple pipelines, mass emails, custom dashboards, and one view of canvas. 
  • Professional $23/month: This tier is for companies that want to go beyond basics and includes everything in Free and Standards, along with SalesSignals, Blueprint, Web-to-case forms, validation rules, inventory management, and three views of canvas. 
  • *Most Popular* Enterprise $40/month: This tier is the most popular plan and is designed for larger companies. It includes everything in the free, standard, and professional editions, Zia AI, CommandCenter, Multiple-user Portals, advanced customization, mobile SDK & MDM, and five views of canvas. 
  • Ultimate $52/month: This tier includes everything in the free, standard, professional, and enterprise editions, Advanced BI bundled with Zoho Analytics, enhanced feature limits, a 30-day trial, and twenty-five views of canvas.

As Enterprise is the most popular plan, you can always upgrade and downgrade your pricing plan as you would like. Zoho CRM is a global company that accepts payments via Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Paypal. Another perk to each of these bundles is that Zoho offers them in up to 28 languages.

Why choose Zoho CRM service? 

Zoho CRM software enables businesses to increase sales by fully customizing processes, creating sales workflows, and leveraging insightful reports on data analysis. It offers integrations with the Microsoft Office suite and Salesforce, allowing users permission to work on all of their information in the same place.

A refreshingly easy-to-use interface makes it easy to integrate into any business. It also includes an extensive developer platform for customer solutions, dedicated migration, deployment, and training programs, flexible contracts, and guaranteed price protection on all pricing plans.

Bottom line.

Zoho CRM software is rated one of the top CRM software of 2023, and for a good reason. With many functional apps, low monthly price points, AI functionalities, and automated marketing and sales pipelines, Zoho makes it possible for every business to stay organized, increase seamless workflow, and measure performance effectively.

For small businesses that want to grow, you cannot go wrong. For more information on online business tools to help manage your business, stop by our website.

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